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TOPPAN: Japanese conglomerate to build Czech barrier film plant

Toppan (Tokyo; has announced plans to erect a production plant in Most, the Czech Republic.

The 50,000 m² facility is to produce transparent GL Barrier brand multi-layer films for European packaging markets, with production set to start at the end of next year, according to the company. The company declined to provide PIE with information about capacity. 

The Japanese company is building a new plant in Most in the north-west of the Czech Republic (Photo: Toppan)

GL Barrier films consist of a multi-layer or mono-material substrate film based on PET, polyethylene, polypropylene, or polyamide, laminated with a barrier coating layer of EVOH or PVDC, and an inorganic vapour-deposited barrier layer of aluminium oxide or silicon oxide.

The Toppan Group comprises 251 companies with a workforce of around 50,000. In addition to packaging, it produces decorative materials and E&E components, and prints newspapers and other products. 

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