The hotspot for rubber and thermoplastic elastomers (tpe) at K

Rubber Street will be organized again in 2025 with the aim of increasing the visibility of rubber and elastomers and highlighting their innovative performance.

Following the trend in the industry, Rubber Street today is the home of rubber and thermoplastic elastomers (TPE).

The idea for this window to the elastomer industry has already a long tradition, established in 1983 at the K.

Rubber Street: participation options

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Example for a booth at K 2025 - rubber street

Rubber and TPE are crucial for our planet.

Without our sector and its incredible versatile as well as innovative products the world would come to a halt.

And vice versa: The well-being of our globe is indispensable for the rubber and TPE sector as well. Half of our essential raw material comes from sustainable resources and reduces CO2 while growing.

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Impressions of the Rubber Street