Intelligent rubber materials

Image: Black rubber granules; Copyright: alexstand

Copyright: alexstand


Image: Hand wearing blue rubber wristband. Drops and two blue circles can be seen on the black bottom; Copyright: University of Stuttgart, FSM-Laboratory, F. Sterl

Intelligent rubber material that adapts to ambient humidity. This wristband shows the material's ability to adapt, in this case, to wrist movements. Source: University of Stuttgart, FSM-Labor, F. Sterl

Very high degree of adaptability

Figure: 3D illustration shows dependence of stiffness on temperature and relative humidity in colorful illustration; Copyright: University of Stuttgart, FSM Laboratory, F. Sterl

Rigidity dependent on environmental conditions, such as temperature and relative humidity. Source: University of Stuttgart, FSM-Labor, F. Sterl

The vision: materials that respond to active triggers

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