First comparative study on automated analysis methods of large data sets in microplastics research

Image: Erlenmeyer flask filled with water polluted by microplastics in a laboratory; Copyright: microgen

Copyright: microgen


Photo: Man in white coat in laboratory for FTIR spectroscopy sitting at the computer; Copyright: UBT / Chr. Wißler

Dr. Martin Löder at a facility for FTIR spectroscopy at the University of Bayreuth. Source: UBT / Chr. Wißler

Photo: Man in white coat looking through microscope in laboratory for FTIR spectroscopy; Copyright: UBT / Chr. Wißler

Dr. Martin Löder in a Bayreuth laboratory for FTIR spectroscopy.
Source: UBT / Chr. Wißler

Longstanding cooperation in research on microplastics in the environment

Photo: Woman in a white coat standing in the lab examining microplastics; Copyright: UBT / M. Löder

First author Sonya R. Moses in a Bayreuth microplastics research lab. Source: UBT / M. Löder

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