Covestro expands production capacity for polycarbonate films in Thailand

Image: Black dashboard in car with large display; Copyright: FabrikaPhoto

Copyright: FabrikaPhoto


Photo: Groundbreaking ceremony for the new polycarbonate film plant.  Five men and a woman with shovels in front of a pile of sand. Behind them, a large Covestro sign; Copyright: Covestro

Groundbreaking ceremony for the new polycarbonate film plant in Map Ta Phut, Thailand, with Aleta Richards, Global Head of the Specialty Films segment, Timo Slawinski, Head of Covestro's Map Ta Phut site, and Michael Boediger, Head of Operations in the Specialty Films segment. Source: Covestro

Expanded range of films made from alternative raw materials

Image: Front and back of Jane Doe's identification document with photo; Copyright: Covestro

ID documents are one of the most important applications for polycarbonate films. Source: Covestro

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