Plastics industry meets Metaverse: igus presents products in virtual reality

Interview with Marco Thull, Senior Marketing Activist Purpose & Vision, Corporate Identity & Corporate Communication, igus GmbH

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Image: Man with VR glasses; Copyright: seventyfourimages

Virtual reality holds potential for the plastics industry. For example, customers can experience products in virtual space instead of just leafing through brochures. Copyright: seventyfourimages


Image: Marco Thull; Copyright: igus GmbH

Marco Thull. Copyright: igus GmbH

Image: iguversum; Copyright: igus GmbH

With the iguversum, igus has created, among other things, a digital twin of its factory, where sales staff and customers can meet as avatars. Copyright: igus GmbH

Image: TRX e-chain from igus; Copyright: igus GmbH

In the iguversum, igus products can be discovered and engineering projects can be carried out in the future. Copyright: igus GmbH

Elena Blume (Editorial team K-MAG)

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